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Sykesville Calendar photo contest

Each photographer can submit up to 5 photos as an electronic attachment to and their contact information. If they have people's faces in them, we must have a photo-release signed and attached. Once submitted, we retain the rights for the image. We will be choosing photographs of downtown Historic District Sykesville from Millard Cooper Park to the Patapsco River. Seasonal photos are encouraged so we can match seasonal photos to appropriate months. Our goal is to highlight what a vibrant and beautiful little town we have and the calendar should appeal to both locals and visitors.

Technical details: Image quality should be set to 300dpi (dots per inch). This makes your photo a high-resolution printable image. Set size for an 11” X 8.5” format. If no specific dpi or size setting then set your camera to the highest quality and size allowed. Select “Large” image if sending from your phone. Photos will be printed mostly in a landscape format, so take that into consideration when submitting your photos. Please send photos as a jpg, tif, or pdf file. Jpg and tif files provide higher quality photos.

Photos MUST be submitted by October 10th